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Visual Composer for Prestashop : Drag & Drop Page Builder

The World’s #1 Drag & Drop Page Builder, Visual Composer out now for Prestashop! Boost eCommerce Performance with these Powerful Tools incl 6 month support.


Amazing features 

  • Approved by WP

  • Bakery

  • Drag & Drop Frontend Editor

  • Amazing Backend Editor

  • Easy to Customize

  • Productivity, Helping
    by Save TIME

  • Easy to use, Create website

  • save money


 July-07-2020 - v-4.4.16
          [fix] Prestashop 1.6.x security fix for for upload folder.<br />
 June-06-2020 - v-4.4.15
          [fix] Prestashop compatible<br />
 March-31-2020 - v-4.4.14
          [fix] Prestashop 1.7.6.x compatible<br />
[fix] Lots of bug reported by customer<br />
[fix] Product page backend editor issue<br />
[fix] Preview link not working<br />
[fix] Frontend not working for other language<br />
[fix] Category page compatible after 1.7.6.x<br />
[fix] Brand page compatible after 1.7.6.x<br />
[fix] supplier page compatible after 1.7.6.x<br />
[fix] Cms page not working for override<br />
[fix] product page not working for override<br />
[fix] override conflict with other modules<br />
[fix] Chaning language does not effect in backend editor panel<br />

        April-24-2017 - v-4.4.4
 [new] PrestaShop 1.7 compatible
        Feb-14-2017 - v-4.4.4
        [fix] Performance issue occure from 4.4.2 
        [fix] Tiny mce overwrite
        [remove] Product Tab Creator from 4.4.4 - only for new instalaltion. 
        Nov-28-2016 - v-4.4.2
        [new] New user interface implement, same like wp version
        [new] auto update system from back end.
        [new] image manager grid with image show
        [fix] ps tiny mce editor problem fix
        Nov-01-2016 - v-4.3.22
        [new] Compatible with php 7
        20-07-2016 - v-4.3.21
        [fix] secutiry issue fix 
        [improvement] Load time optimize, boost your site performance
        [fix] bug fix image import , export, regenerate folder wise 
        [fix] content any where exception fix
        [improvement] content any where option wise load fix
        [improvement] do not run vc hook if there is no content
        [new] add custom hook system
        [new] now block cart can hook using vc
        [new] folder wise image upload
        [mew] image alt tag management
        [fix] custom css save problem
        [add] Row stretch mode
        [fix] news later block subscribe message error
        [improvement] module performance improve
        [fix] revolution slider shortcode with vc arise in 4.3.12
        [fix] Date time picker problem in product page
        [add] optimize performance, do not load script when vc disable
        [improvement] optimize code and increase performance
        [fix] PrestaShop compatible
        [new] PrestaShop product related short code
        [vc_featured_products per_page="12" orderby="id_product" order="DESC" display_type="grid"]
        [vc_new_products page="0" per_page="12" orderby="id_product" order="DESC" display_type="grid"]
        [vc_bestsellers_products page="0" per_page="12" orderby="sales" order="DESC" display_type="grid"]
        [vc_special_products page="0" per_page="12" orderby="id_product" order="DESC" display_type="grid"]
        [vc_product_supplier page="1" per_page="12" orderby="id_product" order="DESC" display_type="grid" id_supplier="1"]
        [vc_product_suppliers speed="500" maxslide="4" slider_type="bxslider"]
        [vc_product id="3"]
        [vc_products orderby="id_product" order="DESC" ids="3-7-"]
        [vc_add_to_cart id_product="1"][vc_product_category per_page="12" orderby="id_product" order="DESC" id_category="5"]
        [vc_product_manufacturer per_page="12" page="1" orderby="id_product" order="DESC" display_type="grid" id_manufacturer="1"]
        [vc_product_manufacturers speed="500" maxslide="4" slider_type="bxslider"]
        [fix] Product image upload problem occur from 4.3.6
        [fix] Panel not show for 1.6.1
        27-06-2015 -v 4.3.6
        [fix] For prettyPhoto XSS issue prettyPhoto  core library update
        [new] Product Page 
        [new] Category Page 
        [new] Manufacturer Page
        [new] Supplier Page
        12.05.2015 - ver 4.3.4
        [fix] Optimize content any where and product unlimited tab for huge no of product site
        [fix]Fix front end image galley issue
        [fix]Optimization to load prestashop  module
        [fix]Optimized to prevent front end thirdparty payment gate  module declared class issue 
        12.05.2015 - ver 4.3.3
        [fix] fatal error for accessing protected property of product and category in product page and category page respectively in frontoffice.
        06.05.2015 - ver 4.3.2 initial release

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