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Ekko is a fully packed practical tool of premium built and design. Let your creativity loose and start building your website now and save money with premium theme.

key features

  • 100% Fully Responsive
  • Woocommerce compatibility
  • bbPress compatibility
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Smooth CSS3 animations
  • Well organized, clean and valid Code
  • Code built with SEO best practice in mind
  • Compatible with latest WordPress version
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • One click demo importer
  • 35 Unique homepages
  • Professional pre-built page layouts
  • Demo Files Included
  • 40+ Built-in Content Elements
  • 200+ pre-designed Template Blocks
  • WPBakery Page Builder – worth $46
  • Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin – worth $26
  • Premium icon font pack – 2080 premium icons – worth $59
  • Compatible with Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms & Ninja Forms
  • Advanced Admin Panel based on Redux framework
  • 800+ Google Fonts
  • Typekit Fonts integration
  • Google Maps integration
  • One Page Scrolling
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Sticky Header
  • Footer widget ready (4 customizable areas)
  • Coming Soon mode
  • Social Sharing enabled
  • Dedicated post types for Portfolio
  • 9 Portfolio project page designs
  • Page builder active in Portfolio, Blog and Shop single page
  • PhotoSwipe lightbox integrated
  • Fully Customizable
  • Fully Translatable
  • Child theme ready
  • WPML Ready
  • High Speed performance
  • Well Documented
  • Free updates


Version 2.3 – 09 October 2020

- Optimized theme options configuration file
- Added option to center content with Content Box element
- Added Tumblr icon with Business Info social icons list
- Added 4s and 5s animation speed options with Text Rotator element
- Added option to enable/disable counter number formatting
- Added option to disable the Portfolio CPT
- Added option to change the Portfolio slug
- Update KeyDesign Addon v3.9
- Update WPBakery Page Builder v6.4.1
- Update Revolution Slider v6.2.23
- Fixed overlapping issue with Process Steps and row separator
- Fixed color issue with active menu item
- Fixed background color issue with sticky topbar on mobile
- Fixed cart and search icons color issue on mobile
- Fixed blockquote style issue on blog post pages
- Fixed image height issue with Logo Carousel element
- Fixed navigation issue on mobile with Testimonial Slider
- Fixed video cover issue on blog post pages when loading multiple videos
- Fixed style issue with Load More button on Post and Masonry Grid elements

Version 2.2 – 01 September 2020

- Update KeyDesign Addon v3.8
- Update WPBakery Page Builder v6.3
- Update Revolution Slider v6.2.22

Version 2.1 – 14 August 2020

- Update KeyDesign Addon v3.7
- Update Revolution Slider v6.2.19
- Fixed compatibility issues with WordPress 5.5
- Fixed JS issue with Sticky Navigation Element

Version 2.0 – 01 August 2020

- Added Xing and VK social icons with Team Member element
- Update KeyDesign Addon v3.6
- Fixed admin style issues with Redux Framework v4
- Fixed menu white space issue on mobile
- Fixed mega menu column alignment issue on resolutions below 1280px

Version 1.9 – 17 July 2020

- Improved theme dashboard panel and re-styled all theme options pages
- Removed the Site Icon (Favicon) upload filed from Theme Options.
- - You can upload the Favicon in Appearance > Customize > Site Identity > Site Icon
- Improved and optimized loading of Icon Font packs with all elements
- Improved mobile appearance for Team Member round image design
- Improved Topbar and Search bar appearance on mobile devices
- Added "Install Required Plugins" menu item under the Ekko Dashboard panel
- Added option to change the heading tag with Text Rotator and Extended Tabs elements
- Added Envato Market plugin as recommended with the theme plugin list
- Added minified theme Icon Pack to be used on general pages
- Added option on the Button element to smooth scroll to a page section
- Added FontAwesome font pack with all elements
- Added option to upload Custom Fonts
- Added option to select container width when using the Boxed Layout
- Added option to overwrite the Mini Cart texts (View cart, Checkout and Empty Cart)
- Added option to overwrite Portfolio texts with the Navigation buttons
- Added option to overwrite Single Blog posts texts with the Navigation buttons
- Added option to select between 3,4 and 5 columns with the Masonry Gallery element
- Added option to change pricing options and button link when using the Price Switcher module
- Update KeyDesign Addon v3.5
- Update Slider Revolution v6.2.17
- Update theme language files
- Fixed style issue on mouseover with Content Box element on Mac devices
- Fixed style issue with button transition when switching from Secondary to Primary accent color
- Fixed style issue with error message on Newsletter Form
- Fixed zoom issue with Masonry Gallery element when using Media Library image
- Fixed style issue with blog post navigation buttons
- Fixed JS issue with the smooth scroll system
- Fixed style issue with search and cart icons when Topbar is disabled
- Fixed style issue with product boxes on Safari
- Fixed style issue with Topbar icons when using Sticky Topbar
- Fixed navigation issue with Testimonials, PhotoBox, Review, PhotoGallery and Portfolio Related carousels on mobile
- Fixed issue when showing notice to update the theme with theme dashboard panel
- Fixed style issue with Sticky Navbar position on all devices for guests and logged in users

Version 1.8 – 20 June 2020

- Improved and optimized various fields with the Theme Options area
- Added purchase code text with the Theme Dashboard area
- Added secondary phone filed with the Theme Options > Business Info area
- Added option to change portfolio "View project" text on Related projects section
- Added option to enable/disable contact info with Side Panel and Popup Modal
- Update KeyDesign Addon v3.4
- Update Slider Revolution v6.2.13
- Update theme language files
- Fixed redirect issue when activating the theme
- Fixed line-height issue with Sticky Navigation navbar items
- Fixed spacing issue on mobile when importing the Architecture demo
- Fixed visual issue when opening admin pages with Gutenberg editor enabled
- Fixed style issue on mobile when setting the Topbar menu as main menu
- Fixed page background color issue when setting a top and bottom padding
- Fixed Header Button issue not showing on mobile
- Fixed style issue with the IconBox element when uploading a custom .svg icon
- Fixed alignment issue with titles on portfolio item pages on mobile
- Fixed style issues on WooCommerce My Account page
- Fixed style issues when adding bbPress forum with WPBakery Page Builder
- Fixed hook issue with blog archive titles
- Fixed style issue when using a large address text with Google Maps Business panel
- Fixed alignment issue with counters on mobile
- Fixed post meta options with search page
- Fixed horizontal scroll issue with the main menu on mobile
- Fixed style issue with HTML textarea fields in Theme Options
- Fixed navigation issue Testimonial Cards element on mobile

Version 1.7 – 04 June 2020

- Improved theme dashboard panel and re-styled all theme options pages
- Improved and optimized loading of theme dynamic styles
- Clicking on search bar focuses on the input box
- Added System Requirements panel with Ekko > Dashboard page
- Added Background and Text Color options for Sticky Navigation element
- Added site Preloader template options
- Added option to enable/disable blog meta content (author, date, categories, comments)
- Added option to enable/disable contact details on Side Panel
- Added options to customize the default Search page
- Added option to change the Topbar search form functionality (ability to search for Products)
- Added option to change the blog "Read more" text with the Theme Options panel
- Added meta box option to adjust the height of the page title bar
- Added Event Schedule pre-designed Block
- Added new Social Buttons element (can be configured in Theme Options area)
- Update KeyDesign Addon v3.3
- Update Slider Revolution v6.2.10
- Update theme language files
- Fixed Slider Revolution navigation arrow issue
- Fixed Ajax issue with Gravity Forms on Side Panel
- Fixed Social Icons enable/disable switch with Side Panel
- Fixed style issue with ContentBox on mobile
- Fixed FontAwesome default theme library not loading when certain plugins are enabled
- Fixed style issue with WooCommerce notification button
- Fixed alignment issue with Team Member element on mobile
- Fixed style issue with Team Member contact icons
- Fixed style issue with Team Member when disabling Social Icons
- Fixed alignment issue when using two CTA buttons on mobile
- Fixed alignment issue with columns on tablets
- Fixed style issue with submenus on WPBakery Widgetised area
- Fixed spacing issue when disabling the description with the Side Panel area
- Fixed style issue on Mozilla with Extended Tabs elements
- Fixed style issue with active menu links
- Fixed style issue with Language Switcher on blog archive pages
- Fixed style issue with Video iframe on mobile

Version 1.6 – 21 May 2020

- Added wp_body_open tag with header.php file
- Update KeyDesign Addon v3.2
- Update Slider Revolution v6.2.9
- Fixed PHP 7.4 theme compatibility issues
- Fixed JS issue with Extended Tabs element
- Fixed issue with bbPress title not loading
- Fixed option to enable/disable breadcrumbs on portfolio pages

Version 1.5 – 23 April 2020

- Added option to select Logo image size on mobile
- Added order option on portfolio pages
- Update KeyDesign Addon v3.1
- Update WPBakery Page Builder v6.2
- Fixed issue with image logo not loading
- Fixed style issue with bbPress widgets on single pages
- Fixed menu links color when Fixed option is selected
- Fixed breadcrumbs alignment issue on bbPress pages
- Fixed minor style issue with KeyDesign elements

Version 1.4 – 14 April 2020

- Improved theme loading speed
- Improved loading of theme dynamic styles
- Added NEW Testimonial Card element + pre-designed blocks
- Added NEW Lists element + pre-designed blocks
- Added NEW Price Switcher element + pre-designed blocks
- Added NEW Comparison Pricing Table blocks
- Added Events Calendar theme compatibility
- Added WP Forms theme compatibility
- Added pre-designed Banner blocks
- Added pre-designed Sidebar Layout blocks
- Added pre-designed 3x2 and 4x2 PhotoBox grid blocks
- Added Pinterest and LinkedIn sharing options on blog single pages
- Added option to display Topbar on mobile
- Added enable/disable switch option for language dropdown in Topbar
- Added global enable/disable switch for footer widgets section
- Added option to move Search bar in the main menu area when Topbar is disabled
- Added option to move WooCommerce cart in the main menu area when Topbar is disabled
- Added option to enable/disable the title on Single Product pages
- Added Mobile Typography options in Theme Options panel
- Added option to set a custom section ID with Sticky Navigation element
- Added option to set icon image size with Sticky Navigation element
- Added option to select title heading tag with Sticky Navigation element
- Added option to display a secondary button with Sticky Navigation element
- Added option to display image caption with Photo Gallery and Masonry Gallery elements
- Added option to trigger Side Panel and Modal Popup with all theme buttons
- Added option to enable/disable price with Pricing Table element
- Added option to display a background image with Icon Box and Content Box elements
- Added option to select title font size with Icon Box element
- Added option to display an external link with Team, Testimonials and Reviews elements
- Added option to display a 5 step Process Steps element
- Added option to display arrow and dots navigation with Logo Carousel element
- Added option to set hours and minutes with Countdown element
- Added option to display simple text link with PhotoBox element
- Added email and phone icons with Team Member Circle design
- Added checkmark and times icon with Pricing Table options
- Added Viber icon with Business Info social icons list
- Added number formatting with Counter element
- Added new mobile burger menu animation
- Update KeyDesign Addon v3.0
- Update Slider Revolution v6.2.2
- Update Font Awesome icons pack
- Fixed PHP 7.3 compatibility issues with KeyDesign Addon
- Fixed style issues with default VC Tours module
- Fixed mobile layout margin on Search page
- Fixed transparent navbar issue on Search page
- Fixed external image loading issue with Sticky Navigation and IconBox elements
- Fixed row and column border style issue on mobile
- Fixed issue when adding the Extended Tabs element into a default VC Tabs module
- Fixed issue with maintenance page background image on mobile
- Fixed footer link underline effect
- Fixed blockquote style issue on mobile
- Fixed scroll to section option with Header Button element
- Fixed font loading issue with standard fonts
- Fixed lists font size issue on mobile
- Fixed YouTube iframe size on blog posts pages
- Fixed style issue with WooCommerce inline Add to cart button
- Fixed row separator style issue on mobile

Version 1.3 – 1 February 2020

- Added Team Member external link option
- Added phone and email option with Team Member Creative design
- Update KeyDesign Addon v2.9
- Update WPBakery Page Builder v6.1
- Update Slider Revolution v6.1.8
- Fixed issue with Masonry Gallery and Photo Gallery when zooming the images
- Fixed sticky navigation menu color on hover
- Fixed book preview element alignment on tablet devices
- Fixed issue with dropdown menus on 960px resolutions
- Fixed style issue with WPBakery WooCommerce category elements
- Fixed App Gallery page overflow issue
- Fixed minor issues with Testimonial element
- Fixed style issues when adding lists to the Side Panel content area
- Fixed Hide Blog Title Area option not working
- Fixed style issue with Countdown numbers on mobile
- Fixed style issue with Price Block on mobile
- Fixed issue when adding links with Footer Copyright area

Version 1.2 – 4 October 2019

- Added WPML compatibility with the Advanced editor
- Added option to disable Search in the Topbar area
- Update KeyDesign Addon v2.8
- Update Slider Revolution v6.1.2
- Update Theme Activation error messages and improved system
- Fixed swipe issue when Sticky Navigation is used on page
- Fixed slider responsive issue on Web Design Agency demo
- Fixed logo image width value
- Fixed image height issue with Extended tabs
- Fixed issue with VC Media Grid images
- Fixed title font-weight and product image spacing on the Cart page
- Fixed Category and Subcategories box styling on Shop pages
- Fixed reload issue when clicking on mailto: and tel: links
- Fixed overlapping issue with social links on Side Panel
- Fixed WPML language switcher styles in Topbar, Menu and widget areas
- Fixed Polylang topbar language switcher issue
- Fixed issue with Mobile App Gallery when no mockup image is loaded
- Fixed spacing issue when Topbar is disabled
- Fixed reload issue when KeyDesign Login element is used
- Fixed text overflow issue with Pricing table element
- Fixed label color issue with Contact Form 7
- Fixed background color issue in input and textarea fields
- Fixed number style issues with Contact Form 7
- Fixed max-width issue with Tab elements when added in two columns
- Fixed float issue with IconBox element
- Fixed ContentBox style issue when disabling the icon
- Fixed style issues with media attachment pages
- Fixed pause issues with locally hosted videos
- Fixed link issue with Client Logo element
- Fixed overlapping issue with Text Rotator element
- Fixed responsive issues with CTA element when used with icon
- Fixed breadcrumb alignment issue on Blog listing pages
- Fixed spacing issue between Title and Subtitle in Sticky Navigation element

Version 1.1 – 24 July 2019

- Update WPBakery Page Builder v6.0.5
- Update KeyDesign Addon v2.7
- Update Revolution Slider v6.0.7
- Fixed and updated VC deprecated functions

Version 1.0 – 15 May 2019

Initial release
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